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Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form at Redborne enjoy a more relaxed dress code than students in the younger years. Nevertheless, there is an expectation that students dress appropriately and the dress code gives details on what is permitted and what is not.

The Sixth Form at Redborne has a dress code. This was reviewed recently in consultation with staff and students. It was agreed by both staff and students that a dress-code was important in an educational establishment, especially one which younger pupils attend. It should be recognised that a school is a place of work. There is enough flexibility within this code for you to be able to dress comfortably and to allow self-expression.

The dress code is as follows:

  • Caps (baseball, trucker caps or similar) are not to be worn
  • Shoulders and midriffs should be covered (i.e. no strappy tops or vests)
  • Skirts should be on or below the knee
  • Trousers should be full length. Shorts and three-quarter length trousers are not permitted.  Cuts or rips in trousers are not permitted
  • ‘Loungewear’ such as Onesies are not permitted
  • Modesty should be considered
  • Footwear should be appropriate for the lesson. Open shoes are not suitable for practical subjects and flip-flops are a health and safety concern in the busy areas of the school
  • Words and diagrams on clothing should not be offensive or possibly be seen as offensive (eg references to drugs or sex)
  • Hats should not be worn as fashion items but in cold weather to keep warm.  Hats should not be worn indoors
  • Facial piercings of any kind are not allowed. It is not acceptable to cover a piercing, for example, with a plaster or wear clear, supposedly ‘invisible’ piercings.

Extremes of hair style are not allowed. What is an extreme and therefore unacceptable hairstyle is difficult to define. The current school Hairstyle Policy states:

‘The school does not accept any display of inappropriate hairstyles, including’:

  • The dying of hair to an extreme and unnatural colour (eg red, blue or pink)
  • Shaven heads where the hair is shorter than a number 1
  • Long hair that may be hazardous (eg beyond the lower back)
  • Sculpted hairstyles where the hair is deliberately shaped into an extreme style or design

Additionally the following guidance should be adhered to:

  • Patterns or words shaved into very short hair are not acceptable.

The final decision on what is acceptable rests with Mr Croft, the Principal.

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