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Redborne Upper School

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Sixth Form Dress Code

Dress Code

Our dress code aims to give students the freedom to express themselves and feel comfortable. At the same time, the Sixth Form is a professional working environment and we ask students to dress in ways that reflect this.

This includes:

  • Dressing appropriately, covering from just below the neck to near the knee. Most of the shoulders should be covered.
  • Considering the fabrics worn. Sheer materials are not appropriate if the clothes underneath do not meet the first bullet point; nor is very ripped denim; nor are very tight-fitting materials such as nylon lycra leggings if worn without something covering them.
  • Except when required during PE or Sport lessons, sportswear is not appropriate. Beachwear is not appropriate at any time.
  • Hair should be a natural colour in a style appropriate for a school environment.
  • In addition to ear piercings, a single, discreet nose stud is appropriate.
  • Coats and hats should be removed in lessons.
  • Lanyards should be worn at all times.

The final decision about what is appropriate rests with Mr Armstrong.

We expect that all students will follow the dress code.

If they choose not to, one of the following will apply. They may be:

  • Asked to cover up with another item of clothing.
  • Asked to contact parents to bring new clothes in.
  • Sent home to change.
  • Removed from lessons.

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