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Redborne Upper School

Redborne Upper School

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Physical Education

PE lessons are designed to use sport and physical activity as a vehicle to encourage a healthy and activity lifestyle, but also to equip students with the necessary life skills needed post Redborne.

All practical activities will be taught in mixed ability groups and in year 9 all students will follow the same rotation of practical activities which may include: dance, hockey, badminton, trampolining, fitness, handball and athletics. In year 10 and year 11 students will be involved in the selection of activities based on group interests and preferences. 


The Y9 course focuses on the “Responsible ME” element, introducing students to a variety of activities to develop their:

  • physical literacy (develop agility, balance, coordination and  knowledge of rules and tactics)

  • mental health (self-esteem, self-efficacy and motivation)

  • self management (focus, determination, commitment and self-discipline)

  • good sportsmanship (abide by the rules, play fair , respect and encourage others)

The Y10 course focuses on the “Resilient ME” element, using physical education to develop their:

  • emotional control (growth mind-set, tolerance and co-operation, dealing with emotions effectively)

  • aspire to do your best  (self-belief, challenge oneself, develop skills)

  • determination  (patience learning new skills, perseverance, recover from setbacks)

  • focus (concentration, mental commitments, visualisation)

The Y11 course focuses on the “Employable ME” element, using physical education to develop specific skills valued by employers such as:

  • teamwork (coordination, flexibility, tolerance and respect, collaboration)

  • communication (clear and concise construction, active listening, positive and constructive feedback)

  • leadership (positive role model, motivate and influence, effective decision making)

  • organisation (planning skills, equipment and kit management, time keeping)


Skills learnt from core PE at Redborne: 

“Preparing ME for life”


It is an expectation that all students will arrive to lessons on time and with the correct equipment. The Redborne Red PE top and Redborne branded shorts/ skorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings must be worn. Additional Redborne branded red hoodie or 1/4 zip top can be worn in cold weather. We encourage all students to be respectful at all times and support each other during practical tasks.


Baseline assessment:

At the beginning of each sporting activity students will complete a baseline assessment of their ability. The report in January will use the Redborne Progress Measure. This will be based on levels that have been achieved by December compared to the baseline assessments. In the case of performance misfortune, such as injury and/or illness, the teacher’s judgement based on performances during works-in-progress will also inform the level awarded.

Extended Learning: 

An extensive list of extra-curricular activities runs from September through to the summer term. Students are encouraged to access one of more of these activities to assist in developing a deeper understanding of the different sports and to develop a combination of physical, mental and social well-being.

Progression routes: 

At Key Stage 4:

  • GCSE Physical Education; 

  • GCSE Dance;

  • OCR Sport Studies level 2. 

In the sixth form:

  • A-Level Physical Education;

  • A-Level Dance;

  • OCR Sport Studies level 3.


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