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At A level, the OCR Classical Civilisation course allows a more in-depth exploration of the history, culture and literature of the Greeks with a focus on Homer's Odyssey, and Athenian theatre. We also analyse the political aspect of the Romans, more specifically the collapse of the Late Republic, for the literature aspect we study Virgil's Aeneid. As well as an understanding of how these two cultures interacted with and built on the achievements of the broader classical Mediterranean. 
It is often a subject that students are particularly passionate about and they thoroughly enjoy learning about Greek mythology, religion and culture. Students develop strong analytical skills during the course and are able to increase their critical thinking skills as well as their written communication.
The educational visit for A level students is to Athens, Delphi and Mycenae and takes place alternative years as both Year 12 and Year 13 go on this trip together. We also take a visit to the British Museum in London. This allows students to see the Ancient Greek vases themselves and they can connect them to their Greek Theatre module.

Miss F. Harrison - Subject Leader for Classics

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