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Redborne Upper School

Redborne Upper School

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Information regarding school opening in September

Dear parents and carers
Following the government’s announcement that schools will be fully open from September, we
would like to update you about plans for Redborne. We are really looking forward to seeing our
students again and life returning a bit more to normal. Clearly, school life will be different from
how it was before lockdown and so we have provided details below to give you a flavour of the
“new normal”. This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any further urgent queries, please
can we ask that you do not reply to this email, but contact the relevant year team. In the first
hour in school in September, we will take all our students through the new routines and habits
which will be expected from them.

  • Day 1 back in school (no change from published dates)
    Friday 4th September - years 9 and 12
    Monday 7th September - all other years
  • Pastoral support will be available for all students (as it is now) and there will be an initial
    focus in our personal wellbeing lessons around the pandemic, how it has impacted families
    and how we can support students with adjusting to being back at school, recognising that
    every student’s journey through the last few months will be unique to them
  • Attendance: All students are expected to attend school as normal (unless of course they
    are unwell) and we will be monitoring and supporting attendance to school as we usually do
  • Uniform: Normal school uniform should be worn and government guidance is that there is
    no requirement for this to be washed more often than normal
  • Start times: We will be running a staggered start and students must go straight to their tutor
    group and not congregate with friends:
    • Year 9 8:30 am
      Year 10 8:40 am
      Year 11 8:50am North Entrance Only
      Year 12 8:50am South Entrance Only
      Year 13 No registration (no change)

      Please do not arrive at school before 8.30am if you can possibly avoid it. Students who
      arrive earlier than this will be asked to wait in a designated area before going to form time

  • Finish time: school will end at 3.10pm (no change) but there will be a 5 minute release
    window for teaching staff to release students into clear corridors. Students must leave by
    their closest exit and not congregate in groups
  • Hygiene: Students should sanitise their hands when they arrive in their form room in the
    morning and at the start of every lesson and when using the canteen. There will be sanitiser
    in school available for them to do this but of course students may prefer to bring their own
  • Movement around school will be restricted, with one way systems and dedicated social
    areas for each year group. Students should walk on the left where there is no one way
    system in place. Clear signage will help students navigate the school.
  • In lessons, students will have allocated places and will only leave their seat with permission from the member of staff. Wherever possible, we have arranged classrooms so seats are facing the front. There will be a 2 metre “exclusion zone” around the teacher’s area at the front of the classroom and students must not enter this. As teachers will be working with many different students, it is vital that students and teachers work hard to maintain this 2 metre distance from one another, despite how different from normal this may feel. Students will of course be allowed to go to the toilet and should only use toilets one at a time 
  • Food and drink provision: To limit the number of students using the canteens, food provision will be limited to hot meals only and drinks provision will be limited to water. Snacks eg cookies will not be available. Students are encouraged to bring a packed lunch
  • Behaviour expectations: In order to make school life as safe as possible, we are relying on our students to follow rules on social distancing and restricted areas. Deliberate or repeated failure to do so will be dealt with in the same way as defiance would be. Having said that, we have been very impressed with students who have already been in school for face-to-face lessons and how they have adhered to these new expectations 
  • If you, your child or anyone else in your household becomes ill at home with any of the current symptoms of COVID-19 infection, parents must use the test and trace system immediately, let the school know of the outcome and follow the latest guidance on self-isolation. If your child becomes unwell at school with any of the current symptoms of COVID-19, we will contact you and ask that your child be picked up as quickly as possible 
  • Face coverings: The current advice is that face coverings should not be worn in school but we will let you know if this changes. The only exception to this is linked to transport (please see below) 
  • Parents: Government advice remains that parents are only able to visit school by appointment only. Please call or email to make an appointment if you need to see a member of staff face to face. Virtual meetings can be facilitated through Google Meet. 
  • School transport: Students will be asked to use hand sanitiser upon boarding. The guidance says that face coverings will be appropriate for those students who “come into very close contact with people who they do not normally meet”. As students on buses will be mixed year groups and they are in close contact, masks should be worn and then removed and safely bagged and placed in their school bag when the student arrives in school. If this applies to your son/daughter, please supply them with a facemask for this purpose. 


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