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Redborne Upper School

Redborne Upper School

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Important Dates - Year 9

IMPORTANT DATES – 2017-2018 



Friday, 8 September 

Year 9 Course Descriptions booklet issued 

Friday, 22 September 

Enrichment Booklet issued 

Thursday, 28 September 

School Photographs 

Sunday, 8 October 

Redborne Racing 

Tuesday, 10 October 

Geography Educational visit to Olympic Park, London (prov) 

Sunday, 15 October 

Indoor Boot Fair 

15-20 October 

German Exchange – German students in UK (tbc) 

Tuesday, 14 November 

5.00-8.00 pm Parents’ Consultation Evening with Year Team and Senior Leadership Team. Students are invited to attend 

Tuesday, 14 November 

PEP booklet 1 issued ‘How can I help myself achieve?’ 

Friday, 17 November 

Progress Checks issued to students 

22-24 November 

7.00-9.00 pm School Production – Connolly Hall 

Sunday, 26 November 

Indoor Boot Fair 

Thursday, 14 December 

7.00 pm Christmas Concert – Connolly Hall 

Tuesday, 19 December 

School closes 1.10 pm 


Friday, 12 January 

Curriculum Booklets describing courses available in Years 10 and 11 issued to students 

Thursday, 18 January 

Educational Visit Geography, Cambridge 

Thursday, 18 January 

3.30-5.00 pm Battle of the Bands auditions – Connolly Hall 

Friday, 2 February 

Subject excellence information issued to parents and carers 

Friday, 2 February 

Educational Visit History, Ypres, Belgium 

Friday, 2 February 

Reports, IEP’s and option blocks proforma issued to students. 

Thursday, 8 February 

5.00-8.00 pm Options Evening. Students are expected to attend. 

Monday, 19 February 

Last day to return Option Forms 

Sunday, 25 February 

Indoor Boot Fair 

Wednesday, 28 February 

7.00 pm KS3 Battle of the Bands Performance – Connolly Hall

Thursday, 1 March 

7.00pm Redborne Battle of Bands – Connolly Hall 

4-8 March 

Spanish immersion visit 

Thursday, 22 March 

7.00 pm Community Music Concert – Connolly Hall 

Sunday, 25 March 

Indoor Boot Fair 


21/22 April 

Bronze D of E – Training Camp A 

28/29 April 

Bronze D of E – Training Camp B 

w/b 7 May 

Year 9 Charity Week 

Wednesday, 9 May 

7.00 pm Jazz Café – Connolly Hall 

Sunday, 13 May 

Boot Fair 

Friday, 18 May 

Progress Checks and IEP’s issued to students 

Monday, 4 June 

New Year 9 into 10 timetable begins 

18/19 June 

Bronze D of E – Assessment A 

20/21 June 

Bronze D of E – Assessment B 

Sunday, 24 June 

Outdoor Boot Fair 

Thursday, 5 July 

Summer Concert – Connolly Hall 

8-15 July 

Educational Visit Languages German Exchange Bavaria 

Wednesday, 18 July 

School Festival (prov) 

Wednesday, 18 July 

Progress Checks issued to students


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