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Important Dates - Year 12

IMPORTANT DATES – 2017-2018 



Wednesday, 6 September 

Year 12 start 

Friday, 8 September 

Parents’ Handbook issued to students 

Thursday, 14 September 

6.00 pm Introduction to the Sixth Form – Year 12 Parents’ Evening 

Monday, 18 September 

Dance educational visit to University of Bedfordshire 

Friday, 22 September 

Enrichment Booklet issued 

Thursday, 28 September 

School Photographs 

Friday, 6 October 

3.45 pm Tea Concert 

Wednesday, 11 October 

Film Studies educational visit to Warner Bros Studios, Watford 

Sunday, 15 October 

Indoor Boot Fair 

12-15 October 

German educational visit to Berlin 

Thursday, 19 October 

Drama educational visit to Royal Theatre, Northampton to see ‘The Caretaker’ 

Tuesday, 7 November 

Senior Maths Challenge 

Tuesday, 14 November 

5.00-8.00 pm Parents’ Consultation Evening for specific students only 

22-24 November 

7.00 pm School Production – Connolly Hall 

Sunday, 26 November 

Indoor Boot Fair 

Thursday, 30 November 

7.00 pm GCSE Presentation Evening 

Friday, 1 December 

3.45 pm Tea Concert 

Friday, 1 December 

Progress Check and Able, Gifted and Talented nominations issued. 

4-15 December 

Exam focus fortnight 

Thurssday, 7 December 

Biology Live visit, Friends House, London 

Thursday, 14 December 

7.00 pm Christmas Concert – Connolly Hall 

Tuesday, 19 December 

School finishes end of Period 4 


Friday, 12 January 

Year 13 Application Form issued to students 

Tuesday, 23 January 

Politics educational visit to Palace of Westminster 

Friday, 26 January 

3.45 pm Tea Concert

Friday, 26 January 

Last day for Year 12 to return application form for Year 13 

Tuesday, 6 February 

Physics educational visit to Friends House, London 

Friday, 9 February 

Progress Check and Able, Gifted and Talented targets issued 

9-17 February 

Skiing Trip to Italy 

Thursday, 22 February 

Year 12 Parents’ Consultation Evening + Higher Education Presentation 

Sunday, 25 February 

Indoor Boot Fair 

Thursday, 1 March 

Biology/ELBS educational visit to Whipsnade Zoo 

Thursday, 1 March 

7.00 pm Battle of the Bands – Connolly Hall 

2-5 March 

Latin educational visit to Italy 

Sunday, 4 March 

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Training Day 

4-8 March 

Spanish Immersion Trip, Malaga 

Thursday, 8 March 

Senior student elections 

8-12 March 

Art educational visit to Venice 

Wednesday, 14 March 

Economics educational visit to Bank of England, London 

Thursday, 15 March 

Geography educational visit to Brick Lane, London (prov) 

15-16 March 

Sixth Form Charity Events 

Monday, 19 March 

Psychology educational visit to Emmanuel Centre, London 

Thursday, 22 March 

7.00 pm Community Music Concert – Connolly Hall 

Sunday, 25 March 

Indoor Boot Fair 

Friday, 23 March 

3.30 pm onwards AS Musical recitals 


Wednesday, 9 May 

7.00 pm Jazz Café – Connolly Hall 

Sunday, 13 May 

Outdoor Boot Fair 

14 May-26 June 

Summer Examinations 

w/c 21 May + w/c 4 June 

Year 12 Mock Examinations 

Monday, 4 June 

New Year 12 into 13 timetable starts 

Wednesday, 13 June 

Barclays Bank Money Skills sessions 

Sunday, 24 June 

Outdoor Boot Fair 

4-8 July 

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Practice

Thursday, 5 July 

7.00 pm Summer Concert - Connolly Hall 

Tuesday, 10 July 

Biology Visit to Marston Vale 

Friday, 13 July 

Reports and review of Able, Gifted & Talented targets issued 

8-15 July 

German Exchange Visit to Barvaria (prov) 

15-18 July 

Economics educational visit to Prague 

Wednesday, 18 July 

School Festival (prov)


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