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ICT Acceptable Use Agreement for Students


Digital technologies are an important part of life in today’s society. Since computers and the Internet can be powerful tools for learning, Redborne Upper School strives to provide all users with safe and secure access to ICT systems.

School ICT Systems Can Be Taken to Mean:

  • desktop computers, laptops, servers and other school-owned computing devices.
  • the school’s wired and wireless network connections.
  • the school email system.
  • web access via the school network (including via guest WiFi).
  • file storage areas on the school network.
  • accounts for online services provided by the school (including Google G Suite).
  • any data stored in accounts provided by the school, regardless of the device(s) being used to access it.

This Policy is Intended to Ensure:

  • that students are responsible users and stay safe when using the school’s ICT systems.
  • that the school’s ICT systems are well protected from misuse.
  • that users are well protected from any misuse of the school’s ICT systems.

Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

  1. I understand that the school may monitor my use of its ICT systems.
  2. I understand that the school will retain my files, emails and other data even after I am no longer a student at the school.
  3. I understand that the rules set out in this agreement also apply to use of school ICT systems away from the school site. This includes home use of online services provided by the school (e.g. email).
  4. I understand that the school ICT systems are intended for educational use only. Personal use not directly related to school work is not permitted (e.g. online gaming, music streaming, etc.).
  5. I understand that my school email account is to be used for school-related matters only. I will not use it to sign up to anything not related to school work.
  6. I will not disclose my passwords to anyone else, not even to a member of staff or to a parent or guardian, nor will I try to use any other person’s passwords. I will not share use of my accounts with others in ways that are not approved by the IT administrators.
  7. I will immediately report any illegal, inappropriate or harmful material I become aware of to a member of staff.
  8. I will not attempt to access, copy, move, delete or otherwise alter any files which I am not permitted to.
  9. I will communicate with others in a professional manner, not use aggressive or inappropriate language and appreciate the differing opinions of others.
  10. I will not engage in any online activity that may bring the school into disrepute.
  11. If the security of any of my accounts is breached (for instance, if somebody gets my password), I will bring it to the attention of a member of staff as soon as possible.
  12. I will not open any email attachments and not click on links in emails unless:
    ○ ​​​the sender is known to me and
    ○ the attachment or link is something which I’m expecting from them.
  13. I will not attempt to upload, download, create or access any materials which may be illegal, inappropriate or distressing to others.
  14. I will not attempt to bypass any web filtering systems in school.
  15. I will not attempt to circumvent any security restrictions that are in place.
  16. I will not attempt to install any software without permission from the IT administrators.
  17. I will not disable, add to, move or reconfigure any school ICT systems without approval from the IT administrators.
  18. I will immediately report any damaged or faulty ICT equipment that I find to a member of staff.
  19. I will ensure that I have permission to use the original work of others in my own work.

Document date: March 2019
Date to be reviewed: March 2022

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